Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miss The Syndicated Radio Show Last Week?

We are no longer posting a replay of the previous week's PDG show but you can still hear it on the radio in reruns every week on our affiliate stations.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanks For Listening- Still On The Air In Reruns

Reruns weekly on the affiliate stations

The PDG Show has always been a labor of love and was initially created to pay homage to the music of the days when garage rock and psychedelic sounds and AM and underground FM radio ruled.  We included period commercials and promos coupled with a bit of comedy and other elements that helped to frame the show and to somewhat echo those times.

Over the past 2 plus years and 120 shows it also grew to include new and other genres of music with a similar vibe or music that just sounded good.  The resulting mix became the signature sound of the show and coupled with minimal interruptions by the host something unique on today's radio landscape.  We're very proud of that. 

Unfortunately the amount of effort required to source new music and research new show concepts and maintain the show's quality was becoming more time consuming and required more effort than we could allocate given the cult status of the show and our other real world responsibilities.  So we are ending the production of new PDG shows indefinitely and will be moving it into reruns.  We are not going away completely so thanks for listening and check out a replay or two or 120 on our affiliate stations.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"It's Getting Very Near The End" - "We Hope You Have Enjoyed The Show"

When The Music's Over ....... Turn Out The (Black) Light

We Won't Be Right Back

In two weeks it's the final PsYcHeDeLiC Detached Garage Radio Show.  It's been a great ride and a lot of fun.  I have spent the last two years developing, creating, producing, promoting, and marketing the show along with analyzing all of the the data and listener feedback I receive in an attempt to determine whether the audience for the show is sufficient to justify the effort required to produce it.

The PDG show is so much more than the 2 hours you hear on the air every week with a lot of production time dedicated to selecting and sequencing the music and mixing in all of the other elements that give the show its unique vibe.  I am proud of the show and humbled and flattered by the comments I have received from listeners and the enthusiasm and loyalty of the station owners and program directors who broadcast the show.  However all of the numbers and listening trends I have access to just don't add up in a way that leads me to believe the show will breakthrough to a wider audience or generate more than a cult following.  Clearly the music that defines the show just doesn't resonate with enough listeners and my efforts to add more stations as affiliates have proven futile.  It is with that understanding and in an attempt to better balance my other responsibilities that I have decided to place the PDG on an indefinite hiatus.         

To those that broadcast the show THANK YOU.  To those that listened THANK YOU. To those that didn't you missed something really unique and special.  I will be making replays of previous shows available to the affiliate stations on a weekly basis so it's possible the show may continue on the radio in reruns as if it never left. Who knows maybe it will find its audience through reruns.

Peace, Out.    

There is only one rule in the 'Garage' - "There are no rules"

There is only one rule in the 'Garage' - "There are no rules"

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